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♪ 니잠 ♥ 마릐암 ♬
31 December 2037 @ 05:59 am

Hi there!
I'm Mariam and I don't bite^^ ♥♥

I used to make this journal public, but after taking several considerations, I'm making this journal locked up for friends only.
Some entries are public for a certain time before being locked-up or some reasons :)
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♪ 니잠 ♥ 마릐암 ♬
24 February 2009 @ 09:03 am

my laptop's repaired for now, but there're still some errors happening here and there. so just to inform you, i'll be posting back later on. but as for now, i just got bored.


I got married to ♡ Hwanhee ♡ on February 23 2009♥♥

actually i wanna get married to one of the suju boys but they're all unavailable. what can i do? heheh. so hwanhee is okay too xDD and oh,

have you gotmarried?

hehehe just doing this to kill my boredom.

will update more when the lappy is fully recovered. xp

till then dearies, take care!
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