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연자 답게

can't live, can't breath with no air.

♪ 니잠 ♥ 마릐암 ♬
22 September 1991
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It's not the face we called what love is like..

JUMP! and i will jump with you too.
shout at me; i won't shout back at you
we can sing happily while hopping in the park together hand in hand

and that all can happen


if and only if you're my best bud.
*friends are counted too, though*

i heart MCR, Super Junior, TVXQ and the GazettE=)
they're so cute and adorable~! XXD

my own K.R.Y. = Kangin.Ryeowook.Yesung
love SuJu so much!
love you oppas~! ^^

and whoaa i'm stamped as minnie at suju_rating
woots~! ^^
wheee~~ ^^

I got married to ♡ Hwanhee ♡ on February 23 2009♥♥

have you gotmarried?

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thanks a loooooot! ^^

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